Trout Fishing

There are few fish that are more popular to fish for, and none more beautiful that the trout. This is probably the reason that trout fishing is such a widespread and popular activity. In this article, I want to describe a little about the trout and trout fishing. For as long as human beings have been fishing, they have also been trout fishing. There are four main varieties of trout that can be found in the rivers, streams, and lakes of North America. They include Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Lake. All four species are candidates for trout fishing, and can all be caught using the same basic methods, except for the lake trout, which is found in deep cold lakes, and really doesn’t act like the other varieties of trout at all.

The most popular of these four main trout species is the Rainbow Trout. These trout can be distinguished by the large red stripe running down the length of their body and are a great candidate for trout fishing. As far as trout fishing is concerned, Rainbow Trout are probably the most popular, simply because they are so widespread. Anywhere that trout swim, which means cool clear water, rainbow trout can be found. Under ideal conditions rainbow trout can grow to very large sizes, but their average size is much smaller (in the twelve to twenty inch range).

Brown Trout can grow to very large sizes as well, and are a bit more hearty than any other trout species. In parts of the Midwest (around the Great Lakes), brown trout migrate from the lakes into rivers to spawn. And these brown trout can grow to enormous sizes. Trout Fishing for these monsters requires much larger fishing gear than is normally thought of when one thinks of the term trout fishing. In any case, both brown and rainbow trout can grow to very large sizes, and are also heavily sought after when it comes to trout fishing. great baits for fishing

Brook Trout, while widely considered to be the most beautiful species of trout, are much smaller than their cousins. Brook trout are normally quite small (in the ten to fifteen inch range), other than in certain lakes in Labrador, where they grow to extremely large sizes. Under the ideal conditions in these lakes, brook trout are measured in pounds, rather than inches, with five to ten pound brook trout being common. These lakes are an aberration though, because for most of us brook trout are measures in inches, rather than pounds. The bottom line is that brook trout are the most beautiful of all of the trout species and are worth catching simply for their beauty.

No matter which species of trout you chose to fish for, the bottom line is that trout fishing is a very popular activity. A great tip is to always make sure that you’re fishing at the optimum times. This simply means using the weather and moon to your advantage when trout fishing. Making sure that you’re fishing at the proper times is key to your trout fishing success. In fact, there are probably no two other factors that effect trout fishing as much as the weather and moon.

Another tip to enjoy a ton of success when trout fishing is to always use a gang hook rig when trout fishing, especially when that fishing is being done in the flowing water of a river or stream. Bouncing live bait off of the bottom as it flows naturally with the current of a river or stream is a deadly trout fishing technique and worth trying on your next trout fishing excursion. I’ve personally been trout fishing for more than 20 years, and I never fish for trout without the help of gang hooks. The bottom line is that no matter which species of trout you fish for or which method you use, trout fishing is one of the best ways created to relax and forget about the affairs of the day