How Safe and Nutritional is Our Food Today?

Busy moms like me prefer to prepare food in advance which is why jars are such a useful tool in my kitchen. I run a non-profit women’s organization which is pretty thick every single day and I am a full time mom as well. So I go to work when kids are at school and pick them up when it is time for them to go home.

I have a 14-year-old young man, a 12-year-old beauty and my youngest is an artsy 10-year-old girl. So far, they love the take out jars I make for them. It was quite a hit for my Lilly (artsy child) and her friends too. One time, her friend Chelsea asked me to make cookies overload for her and I placed them in jars (mini chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and Russian cookies all in one jar). I packed it as party favors. Actually, it was her mom who ordered 50 of it. My hobby turned into a business venture in an instant.

Anyway, I want to share with you how I make food with these clear jars.

Mattie’s favorite – Chili and Cornbread

Ever since he was little, my first born Mattie loved Chili. I always make it for him every weekend – yes you got that right – every weekend. From the time he was six until now that he is 14, he will just leave a note on the counter and tell me when he wants the Chili and Cornbread in jars.

Of course, I cannot make just one serving of chili and bake 1 piece of corn bread. This means that every week, I had to make a whole bunch of it. Luckily, my sisters are such big eaters, the 12 jars of food never lasts a day. Or maybe my cooking is that good.

Anyway, my mother passed on her chili and cornbread recipe to me and it is a family secret (She has a restaurant). All I can say is that I use pure beef, lean all the way and some cocoa powder. There is vanilla in my cornbread too. Bake it. russian store

Liza’s favorite – Pizza inĀ jars

My middle child, the lovely Liza spoke her first word after “mom” and “dad” and it was “PIZZA”. Oh yes, she can gulp down one family sized all by herself. So when I learned how to make meals in a jar, I tried doing the pizza in a jar lunch for her. It must be layered really well or else it will come out a mess.

I buy the ready-made dough from the store (I do not know how to make it on my own). I also use generic tomato sauce. But I combine mozzarella and cheddar cheese (Liza’s order). She also loves those ground beef. I layer everything in the jars (dough, sauce, cooked beef and cheese) and bake it at 375 degrees for like 18 minutes. Yummy!

Lilly’s favorite – Salad in a jar

Lilly baby is my veggie/fruits muncher. She is not vegetarian though but she just loves her greenies. Well, there is nothing wrong with that and as a mom, I am happy she wants a salad instead of French fries right? So I indulge her veggie whim.

But it was not easy at first with the preparation and I had about a few trial and errors before I was able to perfect the salad in a jar routine. But I will teach you how to do it jars.

First, I put in Lilly’s strawberry vinaigrette. Then I add her tomatinas or baby tomatoes. She also wants walnuts, raisins, apples and green peas. Cheese and croutons go in after that. Last is her romaine lettuce, then I am done.

These are not the only foods you can store in your jars. In fact, you can put everything from rice toppings to dimsum. It does not matter what type of food you pile in it. I know someone who uses these jars for his lunch at work and starts off with the salad, beef slices and mashed potato on the next jar, cheesecake for his dessert jar and ice tea on his fourth. These jars are really handy and convenient. I hope you will like them too!